ASAP Compressors was established in 1975 and has been providing top quality compressors and service since.  All of our compressors are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned utilizing the most modern techniques, and built to meet or exceed original specifications.  Our attention to detail requires that all life sensitive parts be routinely replaced and all parts that can be reconditioned go through an exhaustive series of dimensional and quality inspections.  Then we exceed industry standards by performing actual run tests under load, with refrigerant, in our specially designed VARIABLE TONNAGE CHILLER TEST SYSTEM.  Actual system operational variables are utilized to simulate field operational situations.  There are very few compressor companies that have the ability to test in this manner and/or are willing to expend the additional costs that are incurred to test this thoroughly.  We then offer you  many ancillary services to help make your compressor jobs more profitable and easier to accomplish.

Quality remanufactured

air-conditioning and refrigeration compressors, parts, technical assistance

Now supplying Freon 

R-134A          R-407C

R-404A          R-448A

Available by the cylinder   or pallet of 40 cylinders